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Here is what we recommend for you:

  • Long woven wraps: These long pieces of fabric are the most traditional carrier type and the most flexible. Long woven wraps can be tied off in 2-shoulder, 1-shoulder, or no-shoulder (torso) carries. They can be used for front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back carries. The beauty is in the simplicity—support baby safely and tie the carrier off. You can even re-tie the carry as you feel too much pressure somewhere, to avoid pressure on that place at all. And with the help of sling rings, you can even avoid pressure from knots. Tap here to shop our long woven wrap collection.


  • Wrap strap meh dais: A wrap strap meh dai with 4 wrap straps is a great way to step into wrapping if you aren’t quite ready for all the tying! These carriers have a pre-made seat in the form of a structured panel. This is a great carrier for you if you have physical limitations because you have a lot of the same flexibility, just made a little easier because the seat is already made. You can do front, hip, or back carries. Depending on your child and the meh dai specifically, you may even be able to do a successful one-shoulder or torso carry. You can also do waist-less carries and can use sling rings instead of knots. Tap to shop our wrap strap meh dai collection.