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Your New Parent Starter Box: Buckles is a wonderful way to jump into the wonderful world of wearing your little one. Let's get started!



Hand wash your buckle carriers carefully, avoiding too much pulling on the fibers, using a detergent with no optical brighteners. Do not use fabric softener. Drip dry. Steam iron as needed / desired, as appropriate for the fabric blend.


Getting started: Half Buckle Meh Dai - Lenny Hybrid

I recommend starting with your meh dai in a front carry!

Watch the video below for how to use your new meh dai. See below the video for written instruction.



First, adjust the panel of your carrier to fit your child properly.

  • Width adjustment: The velcro adjustment on the inside of the waistband can be lifted and moved to the most comfortable setting for your child. You want the base of the panel of the carrier to support your child from knee to knee.
  • Height adjustment: Button pull-tab adjusters in the center of the panel on both sides (left and right) of the outside of the panel adjust the height. Pull and button on both sides. The top of the panel should be no lower than your child's armpits and no higher than the base of your child's earlobes. Young children who do not yet have adequate head and neck control need to be supported with a panel height that supports their neck. Children can be arms-out in the carrier when they are naturally doing so!

Next, position the waistband on your body and buckle the carrier. Don't forget the elastic safety band! You want the waistband to be high enough that your child will be close enough to kiss.

*A common mistake is putting the waistband too low on your waist, forcing a shallow seat (and squished flat baby!). Another common mistake is putting the waistband on unevenly. Make sure the waistband is parallel to the floor the whole way around your body.*

Once your waistband is on, pick up your baby.

Supporting baby's head and neck, place baby into the panel.

Carefully lift your straps over your shoulders and behind your body. One at time, pull the strap down, then cross it across your back and bring it to the front. Hold that strap between your legs, then do the other strap. 

You can either tie the carrier off in front, or you can bring the straps back around behind you to tie.

Make sure your baby is in a comfortable, age-appropriate C-curve against your body, with their legs in a gentle M-shape (knees slightly higher than bottom and supported knee to knee). Make sure your baby's airway is open and you can monitor their breathing easily. Keep baby high enough that they are close enough to kiss without strain.


Getting started: Soft structured carrier - Lenny Upgrade

We recommend starting with a front carry!

We've written a very detailed description with videos for every step of adjusting this carrier, so you can get the perfect, most comfortable fit for you and your baby.

Tap here to see our detailed adjusting guide (highly recommend!).

Short version:

First, adjust the panel height and width similarly to how you adjusted the Hybrid. The biggest difference is that the Lenny Upgrade has 2 additional button pull tab adjusters at the very top of the panel--perfect for adjusting for the smallest babies.

Next, place the waistband on your waist, just like you did with the Hybrid, being mindful of baby's positioning once they are in the panel.

Pick up your baby. Always supporting baby's head and neck, place baby into the panel and put your arms through the straps. Then buckle the chest clip behind you.

Alternatively, you can cross the straps instead. Unbuckle the arm straps before placing your baby in the panel. Once baby is in, similar to the hybrid, support baby as you pull one strap down and across your back. Clip the strap and tighten. Then do the same with the other strap.

Fine tune your positioning as you did with the Hybrid and you're good to go! *Pro tip: lift baby's bottom out into the panel, instead of sitting on the waistband, then re-tighten the waistband.*


 We want you to love your new carriers! If you have any questions, just reach out for one-on-one support via the chat on this page or via email at contact@mama-roo.com

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