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Mama & Roo's - Lenny Lamb Exclusive: Sunset Wreath


We are so excited! This gorgeous, heirloom quality EXCLUSIVE design is unique, stunning, and perfect in any creation. Grabs yours before it's too late!

Mama & Roo's is proud to announce our collaboration with artist Laura Liggon and Lenny Lamb for this stunning, vibrant pattern in electric purple, deep red, and bright yellow, with a wreath-like pattern in black and a black weft, Sunset Wreath!


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

This is a limited edition exclusive print that will NOT be run again <3.

Artist Statement:

I designed “Sunset Wreath” for the Lenny Lamb weaving challenge. I am a professional graphic designer and a woven wrap, babywearing enthusiast and I was very excited at the chance to design a wrap for me and my baby boy. My goal was to design something I would buy. I knew what the colors would be immediately because I’ve been looking for a wrap with these sunset colors for a long time. And then I just got to work doodling on my computer. I knew I wanted it be a geometric but also inspired by nature. The main element used is a very simple leaf shape and the circular design it ended up becoming reminded me of a wreath, hence the name “Sunset Wreath”.

You can find Laura on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube at Daily Wrap Videos Laura Pop-Okee.





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