Black mother holds her white-presenting baby on her chest in a wrap strap meh dai. She is smiling, eyes closed. Baby is sleeping. Text reads, "Happy Thanksgiving"

Thank you - Thanksgiving Letter


Black mother holds her white-presenting baby on her chest in a wrap strap meh dai. She is smiling, eyes closed. Baby is sleeping. Text reads, "Happy Thanksgiving"

Happy Thanksgiving.


Today, I'm thankful for you! And for this wonderful community we have. I'm grateful that you're on my team, and that we're all on the team of wanting to connect with and enjoy those beautiful babies.

I love hearing from you, and I love seeing your posts and learning about your families. I'm in a very privileged position to be able to intereact with so many of you on your parenting journeys, and I'm so honored. Your stories and your families are making a difference!

I thought I'd share with you what we're doing today to celebrate.

First, we made another donation to our charity of the past few months, the Lace on Race Center for Racial Equity. If you'd like to join us in this, you can donate to the fund directly here. Thank you to those of you who have made donations at checkout to this fund! We always add additional funds from our store on top of your generous donations.

Paypal receipt, "You've sent $200.00 USD to Lace on Race Center for Racial Equity." Additional text is paypal information on how to make additional payments.


We've also updated our current charity. In the spirit of honoring Indigenous people in this country, we will be donating to the Redhawk Native American Arts Council and encouraging others to do so at checkout. You can check them out and donate here.

What I like about this organization is that they not only support indigenous people, but they are specifically in support of indigenous artists. As a purveyor of baby wraps and carriers, this is a really important issue to me. Unlike many babywearing brands, we only sell art that is ethically obtained and compensated--that is, art that is not culturally appropriated or stolen. Weaving is an art form, and an ancient one at that! Our manufacturers create designs that are not copies of indigneous artists. Indigenous designs should only be made and sold by indigenous artists. This fund supports the very people who are often not compensated for their work when it's stolen by companies, both large and small, for profit. Consider joining me by adding your donation at checkout with your next order!


For many, this is a busy day! So I'll send you off to travel and gather safely. =)

Wishing peace and joy to all of you. <3


 All the best,

Alexandra Puppelo
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P.S. At midnight ET tonight, our best sale of the year opens to the public! No code needed =). I'll email you the details when it opens--but you'll want to act fast. We're already running low on gifts (thank you, early access customers!). If you've got early access but haven't snagged your favorites yet, don't delay--we're selling out of many items already. Tap here to shop now. 


P.P.S. I think I'll post some of our vegan Thanksgiving meal on Instagram later today. So if you're curious what a vegan eats instead of turkey, lol, you can check it out! I made lasanga and my husband is baking pumpking pie now, yum. =)

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