model wears child in black mesh water ring sling

Summer memories & water slings

I remember the moment that inspired me to have these water slings created for you.

It was the first time we went to the beach with our son. He was almost 1 and was really getting the hang of walking. We went with my parents, and there was a pool in the complex we were staying at. I remember us walking the pathway to the pool, and I wondered what he'd think of the water as I watched him play with the stones of the path and slowly walk with us. 

We got to the pool, and for a moment my brave little adventurer froze - he wasn't sure what to do. I held his hand and we walked a little closer. With a smile and some reassurance, I lifted him up into our mesh sling. His chubby little legs settled around me, and his little face was still unsure. But he held me tight and together we waded in. 

First the little toes. Then the little legs. Now we've got some water splashing around him, and his face turns to delight. What is this! I loved to see him learning something new and enjoying this new experience from the safety of my arms in our sling.

When we were ready to head back to the condo, he was so tired. So I scooped him up again into our water sling. He nestled his little head into me and sighed. And in that quick 5 minute walk he fell fast asleep. I held him for his nap and enjoyed his sweet little self.

Most mesh slings, like the one I had at that time, are made unethically, in factories that exploit workers and are questionable in following safety standards for the materials used for children. They also typically can't be used dry and will slip, and they usually use plastic rings. 

Our water slings are different. They are ethically made from locally sourced materials in Poland. The rings are aluminum for safety of your little one and to hold the material in place best, and the material has more grip for better support wet or dry. You can feel good about who you're supporting and know that we care about the people we work with and for your family's safety and needs.

Get ready for fun and sweet moments in the water, whether it's in the shower, pool, or beach with your own mesh sling from Mama & Roo's today.

And of course, if you have any questions, just message us via the chat on this page. We're always happy to help!

-Alexandra, Founder, Mama & Roo's

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