Summer Babywearing How to: Torso Back Carry

Let's talk torso back carries! 

Today I’m going to show you how to do a super-fast, simple torso carry on your back with a base -2 wrap.

 White woman wears Asian babywearing doll on her back in a torso carry in a screenshot from a tutorial video. Text reads, "Summer fun: Torso Back Carry with Base -2 Wrap"

Screenshot of torso back carry from a tutorial video. Text reads, "Summer fun: Torso Back Carry with Base -2 Wrap"


You can do this carry with a variety of lengths, including a variation for a beach towel! I'm not going to show you that variation today because that's hard to show in a longer wrap, but just know that there are a lot of fun ways to put your baby on your back.


Before you start, of course make sure that you understand how to back carry safely. If you aren’t sure or need a refresher, check out our back carry video here.


If you're ready to get started, watch us demonstrate a Torso Back Carry in the video below! Text instructions available below the video.


Torso carries are popular throughout the world and are a great way to enjoy your wrap! This simple carry is perfect for warm summer days because it keeps fabric off of your shoulders. This makes the carry feel much lighter and cooler. Although you can do this carry in a base size wrap, you can also do it with much shorter lengths, which makes it even easier to carry around and try new carries with less fabric in the heat!


To do a simple Torso Back Carry:

  1. Get baby onto your back. In the video I demonstrate a hip scoot method (see back carry video here for more back carry methods). With an older child you can even have the child “hang on” while you wrap the wrap around them. You want your middle marker to end up in the center of their back on your back

  2. Make a seat for your child. You can tuck the tails of the wrap between your legs, under your arms, under your chin, or in your teeth to help you to hold tension

  3. Tighten rail by rail horizontally, one tail at a time, holding tension on the other

  4. Check baby’s legs are supported knee to knee without overextending, that they are positioned in a comfortable position with knees slightly above their bottom, that their airway is open and nothing is covering their face, and that you are comfortable monitoring their breathing

  5. Tie the tails together! You can do a half knot and then bring tails around to tie, if you have enough fabric, or you can do a double knot. There are other fancy finishes you can try as well once you get the hang of it. You can even tuck the ends in, so long as the carry is well-tightened and secure it should hold. That’s it!


Will you give this carry a try? Tell us in the comments 


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