Baby wrapped in Jurassic Park New Era long woven wrap. Text reads, "New Beginnings: A Giving Story"

New Beginnings: A Giving Story

Some experiences change you in ways you can’t take back. 

 Baby wrapped in Jurassic Park New Era long woven wrap. Text reads, "New Beginnings: A Giving Story"

Baby wrapped in Jurassic Park New Era long woven wrap


I remember sitting in my son’s nursery (which he never slept in) when he was just a few days old. Hair a mess, naked from the waist up, a huge breastfeeding pillow hula-hooped around my torso. Tears streamed down my face as my toes curled from the excruciating pain of nursing my newborn baby. And to top it off, we now knew that his weight was dipping dangerously low. His diapers were dangerously dry. And the only thing I knew to do was to just... keep trying.  


Days turned into weeks, to months, to years (I've now got a preschool-aged nursling). But in those early days I felt truly alone. Did you ever feel this way with your little one? 


Before my baby had turned 2, I knew I wanted to help others to have a more joyful transition to motherhood than I did. Although I started teaching classes when he was just 3 months old, I wanted to help more than just my immediate community. 


So, I started Mama & Roo’s. And one of the first things I did was order breast pumps, a huge range of flange sizes, and a handful of long woven wraps and ring slings (which of course we still carry today).  


As time went on, I knew we could serve our community better by focusing on one area. So, we stuck to babywearing. 


But... breast pumps were still here. And they haunted me a bit. Reminded me of my early days, the days when my child nursed or I pumped 20+ hours a day. Where I didn’t know if he was going to pass his next weigh in. Where I prayed over donor milk, given so generously from a friend of a friend, and cried at how hard it was to get my body to just... work. 


A few days ago, I decided it was time to rewrite the script. To change this story. And instead of being sad for myself and my struggles and how hard building all of this has been (a pandemic and recession weren’t on my checklist in 2019! I bet they weren’t on yours either lol). I used my pain to give hope and healing to someone else. 

 Receipt for a donation of breast pumps and baby items to the women's center from Mama & Roo's

Receipt for a donation of breast pumps and baby items to the women's center from Mama & Roo's


I took the pumps from the basement shelves and loaded them up. One by one, I brought the shiny unopened boxes into the women’s center in my city. And as I thanked her and said goodbye, the kind-hearted counselor who received my gifts had tears in her eyes. She said to me, “this is what we’re about, women helping women.” And she’s right. That’s where my heart for this work started, and that's where it always returns. 


So here’s to new blessings. To new hope.  

Here’s to messy starts and uncertain paths. 

To new babies and new mamas and new families and new friends. 

Here’s to letting go of things that hold back our hearts. 


I will never be who I was before my son was born. I bet you won’t be, either, after your little one’s arrival. 


But no matter what your journey looks like, we’ll be here for you. We believe that loving these little ones is one of the greatest gifts you can give to this world. And if babywearing is a part of your journey, we’re honored to walk it beside you.  


Babywearing brings hope, comfort, and joy in any moment. From long nights to summer days to the mundane of everyday life, there’s a joyful place for you and your baby. Babywearing helped our family to get there. And we’ll do the same for you. 


Wishing you every blessing, 



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