A model front carries a child in Lenny Lamb Preschool Carrier in Lotus- Black, a 100% linen carrier with black background and white outlined Lotus flowers

Lenny Lamb Preschooler -- The Test!

***Update: Video below!***


Did you catch the news? We are testing Lenny Lamb's newest carrier, the Preschooler!  Designed for ages 1-5, ***now to 6!*** this beautiful, soft carrier has been so fun to try so far. We are gathering feedback to help them finalize their design!

So what is it? This is a soft structured carrier (SSC, baby backpack) for bigger kids, with a tested weight range of 15 lbs to 66 lbs. You probably won't find a 15 lb little one big enough to fit this panel, but it has been rated that low as part of the safety certificate.

Overall, the carrier resembles the new Lenny Upgrade in many ways, just with a larger width and height option. 

Here are the basics so far:
✔️ Velcro width adjusters like the Upgrade, from 1-2 years to 4 years+ as suggested size break-downs to help when trying the carrier on
✔️ Small height adjuster on each side with pull strap as opposed to the Upgrade's buttons, allowing for more gradation with the height difference
✔️ Lovely magnet pocket in front with elastic 
✔️Lumbar support pad

✔️ PFA adjusters

✔️ 2-way arm adjustments

✔️Can be worn back or front carry, backpack or crossed straps. Could probably hip carry, but I haven't tested yet

✔️ Removable hood with elastic


Our initial testers and their stats! (More coming!)


Tester number 1: Let's put this carrier to the max!


C is 5 years old, size 6 pants, 46 lbs, 46 inches tall

Adult is 5'2.5", wrap base size 5

 A white brunette woman carries a white brunette child on her back in a herringbone blue Cobalt Preschooler carrier by Lenny Lamb.


A side view of a white brunette woman carrying a white brunette child in a herringbone blue Cobalt Preschooler carrier by Lenny Lamb, back carry, side view


For C, we maxed out the carrier width and height. He seems fairly comfortable for someone who hasn't been carried in 2 years and was a great sport! His legs dangled some, but I think he could have been carried in this and been comfortable enough for the period of time likely to be in one! For the adult carrier, this was also surprisingly comfortable and I could have carried him for some time if he had allowed me to, provided my muscles had worked up to that weight =).


Tester 2: A Young Preschooler

A is 2.5 years old, in 24 month/2T pants, 26 lbs, 34 inches

Adult is 5'2.5", wrap base size 5

*We decided after this test to try him in one setting wider and found that to be comfortable as well, although this width worked*

A white brunette back carries her white brunette child in a herringbone blue Cobalt Preschooler SSC by Lenny Lamb, back view


A white brunette back carries her white brunette child in a herringbone blue Cobalt Preschooler SSC carrier by Lenny Lamb, side view

We tested A using the 1-2 year width setting as A is on the shorter side for his age and brought the panel to its shortest height. Although he is pictured with arms in, he was also able to bring his arms out. This also fit surprisingly well--although the carrier seems quite large when laid out flat, it was not so unwieldy while wearing. We needed to make some adjustments in later tests to get the fit ideal, but baby and mom were both happy in this first run. We have a little harder time getting him out into the pocket due to the bunching of the fabric, which happens sometimes with the adjustable carriers. We're not used to using the adjustable carriers, so this is something we need to try! 

A still fits comfortably in the Lenny Upgrade at its max settings and in the Toddler LennyGo, which is our preferred SSC.


A white woman's hands are visible as she front carries a toddler in the Lenny Lamb Preschooler SSC


***Testing phase now closed. Thank you to all participants!*** Do you want to try it? You can be a tester, too! Check us out at our next @midatlanticbabywearing meeting in York on March 11th at York Area United Fire and Rescue, 50 Commons Drive in York, off of E Market St, from 10-11:30am. Event link here: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/york-area-babywearing-meetup/1533511553481136/

We've tried with 3 kids and 3 adults so far, and we'd love to have you come out and try, too.

😍 Can't make the meeting, but would still like to be a part of it? Message us and we will meet up!


***Now available! Here's a video of the tester versus other carriers***


Stay tuned by following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube: @mamaandroos and our groups facebook.com/groups/mamaandroos and Lenny Lamb US BST and Chat


Grab yours today! The final version extended the width of the carrier and made a few other changes detailed in the video above. Transcript coming soon! Click here for the Preschool carriers available now.

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