How to: Thread a Ring Sling

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Thread your ring sling perfectly every time with these tips!

We'll be using a 100% linen, 71" long, gathered shoulder ring sling in print Lotus Gold, but you can use this technique to thread any ring sling.

Watch here! Read instructions by scrolling below.

Let's get started!

First, hold the carrier by the rings straight out in front of you. Step backwards and straighten the fabric.

Coming from behind, bring the rings to the opposite shoulder of the side you'll be putting baby on. Take your opposite side hand, reach behind you and find the upper rail. Pull the tail of the ring sling to the front of your body. Check that the fabric isn't twisted.

Finger walk the tail to gather the fabric without twisting. Take the gathered tail and bring it upward through both rings. Straighten the fabric, then bring the tail over the top ring and under the bottom ring. Your sling is threaded!

Let's tweak the threading for a perfect carry. Find the top and bottom rails first, then "bloom" out the fabric in the center. Use this to straighten any twisted fabrics. It's very common for the top and bottom rails to get twisted and cause problems, so take your time straightening. When you're done, pull the rails gently outwards to re-tighten, and check for twists again.

To set the ring sling up, you want the ring sling to have just enough slack for your child to fit. Tighten the top rail by pulling across your body. Tighten the middle rails by pulling diagonally down. Tighten the bottom rail by pulling straight down. Never grab the whole tail and yank it down--this is a common mistake that usually makes it harder to get a good fit! You can also feed slack from behind if needed.

Enjoy! Now you're ready to put baby into your carrier and have fun.

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