Time (with Skull) Front Wrap Cross Carry long woven wrap

Front Wrap Cross Carry - Quick First Wrap Tutorial

A nice quick long woven wrap demo for Front Wrap Cross Carry, the typical first carry to learn with your new wrap. Enjoy!

Time (with Skull) Front Wrap Cross Carry

Time (with Skull) Front Wrap Cross Carry

You'll want to learn this carry with your base size. The most common base size is a size 6. Other variations exist with other sizes, so use what you've got and adjust tie-offs as needed!

See detailed instructions below the video =).





-First, find the middle marker and center the wrap on your chest. You want to imagine baby's head being close enough to kiss and adjust the height on your chest to the appropriate height

-Start with one of the tails (ends) of the wrap and go under your arm and up across your back to the opposite shoulder. Bring the tail over that shoulder. Repeat with the other tail across to the other shoulder

-You should now have 2 tails hanging in front of you. If you needed to, you could tie this off as a "pre-set" carry waiting for your little one to be ready to go in

-When you're ready, lift your baby up to your shoulder. Supporting your baby's head and neck the whole time, lower your baby into the pouch you've made with the first chest pass. You want this to be nice and tight around baby to give good tension. Lift the fabric up to your baby's neck (necessary for a tiny baby), and spread the lower rail (the bottom of the chest pass) from knee to knee. A smaller baby won't spread their knees as far as a bigger baby, but they will have more of a C-curve against your body than a larger baby. Finally, bring the bottom rail up in-between you and baby's body - up to about the diaper line. Adjust baby's position again - you want the baby's bum slightly lower than the knees, with the pass supporting baby knee to knee without making their legs stick straight out (so they can bend their legs freely) and they are comfortably curled against your body

-Now it's time to tighten! Pin one strap between your knees to hold tension. Lift the other strap up diagonally into the air and give a wiggle to start tightening, then go rail by rail (imagining the lines of the weave on a loom as stripes in your wrap that you are tightening one by one). Rail by rail, using your shoulder to help you move fabric as well, tighten the carrier. Remember that the top rail of the chest pass is equal to the top rail in the wrap tail/strap you are working with, so if you see slack there, make sure to tighten there in the tail/ strap. When you feel it's been sufficiently tightened, pin that strap and repeat the process with the other tail

-When you feel confident that it's been tightened sufficiently, it's time to tie off! For a little baby, you may want to add a Lexi Twist so that you aren't squishing baby legs. Bring the straps on either side of baby, twist (or not) at the base under baby's bum, and then tuck the tails under baby's legs and bring the tails to the back. Tie in a double knot, and you're done! =)


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