Waist Bag, Sunset Wreath *Limited Edition Exclusive*, Large
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey
Waist Bag, Sunset Wreath *Limited Edition Exclusive*, Large
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey

Waist Bag, Sunset Wreath *Limited Edition Exclusive*, Large

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Mama & Roo's is proud to announce our collaboration with artist Laura Liggon and Lenny Lamb for this stunning, vibrant pattern in electric purple, deep red, and bright yellow, with a wreath-like pattern in black and a black weft, Sunset Wreath! *LIMITED EDITION Exclusive*


The stunning Sunset Wreath jacquard weave wrap in a stylish, convenient waist bag / fanny pack. This large waist bag is perfect for quick outings, walks, park fun, and more! Hands-free practicality and style.


Inspired, soft, and functional, Lenny Lamb's waist bag matches your carrier perfectly with the same fabric! Convenient to use along with a carrier or wrap to keep you hands-free without worrying over a diaper bag or purse for small items. A beautiful way to accessorize on its own to stay hands free while out and about with your little one.

The large size is tapered with 2 zippered pockets. The top zipper has a pocket that is 30cm (11.5in) long by 15cm (6in) tall. The lower zipper hold a pocket that is 35cm (13.5in) long by 12cm (4.5in) tall.  See image below.

 Lenny Lamb Large waist bag dimensions. 2 zippered pockets, one 30cm (11.5in) by 15cm (6in) and the other 35cm (13.5in) by 12cm (4.5in)

Measurements are + or - 3 cm.




100% cotton 

Jacquard weave


The print shown next to a representative waist bag. This order is for a waist bag, size large, in Sunset Wreath, a black circular pattern with a black weft on a gradient background from yellow to orange to red to purple.


For a limited time, this print is available in any item Lenny Lamb currently makes! Not all items have mock-ups available. For the ones that do not, I have created a sample image with the print will be visible alongside the item as the product image. You will have to extrapolate what the print will look like on that item. Remember, these are unique pieces! The will not all look exactly the same and the colors may vary from what is shown on screen, due to the nature of working with the fabric and digital mock-ups.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

Once this print run in completed, that is it! This is a limited edition exclusive print that will NOT be run again <3.

Artist Statement:

I designed “Sunset Wreath” for the Lenny Lamb weaving challenge. I am a professional graphic designer and a woven wrap, babywearing enthusiast and I was very excited at the chance to design a wrap for me and my baby boy. My goal was to design something I would buy. I knew what the colors would be immediately because I’ve been looking for a wrap with these sunset colors for a long time. And then I just got to work doodling on my computer. I knew I wanted it be a geometric but also inspired by nature. The main element used is a very simple leaf shape and the circular design it ended up becoming reminded me of a wreath, hence the name “Sunset Wreath”.

You can find Laura on TikTok and YouTube at Daily Wrap Videos Laura Pop-Okee


Expected schedule. All dates are subject to change without warning. Timelines may be extended to meet order minimums.


  • Orders open to Sunset Wreath pre-order group and Mama & Roo's groups: Saturday, June 13th
  • Orders open for public ordering: Thursday, June 18th
  • Pre-order closes: Monday, July 6th. After this time, no additional pre-orders will be taken for this print! The exclusive will close. Any extra items are not guaranteed and will be up until sold out
  • Manufacturing begins: Tues, July 7th
  • Expected arrival (subject to change!): Wed, July 29th
  • Shipping out from PA beginning Fri, Aug 7th, until all are distributed


*We reserve the right not to run this print should we not reach our target goal amount of fabric. 

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**Sunset Wreath items cannot be refunded or exchanged, as they are custom made pieces. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, contact us immediately**

Payment is authorized at time of purchase and will clear within 7 days of purchase. Orders will ship on arrival, after they have been custom woven just for you =). Please include a shipping address you expect to be at the end of July for domestic orders. For international orders, contact us to talk about expected shipping speeds. USPS international shipping methods are running extremely slowly right now. We recommend choosing UPS or DHL to fulfill these orders internationally.


Orders over $50 ship free to US addresses! Special rates available internationally. All international shipments include full insurance.