Lenny Lamb print Jurassic Park New Era, a rainbow gradient with black dinosaurs and black weft
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey
Lenny Lamb Large Waist Bag Symphony Pear of Love Purple and Grey

Waist Bag Jurassic Park - New Era, Large

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Jacquard weave fabric, Large

Jurassic Park New Era is a gorgeous rainbow gradient with realistic looking black dinosaurs on a black weft. Rawr!

Stunning and fun. Practicality doesn't have to be boring!

***This print is a pre-order. Images are representative. Expected arrival in 2-4 weeks. Contact with questions prior to ordering!***

Inspired, soft, and functional, Lenny Lamb's waist bag matches your carrier perfectly with the same fabric! Convenient to use along with a carrier or wrap to keep you hands-free without worrying over a diaper bag or purse for small items. A beautiful way to accessorize on its own to stay hands free while out and about with your little one.

The large size is tapered with 2 zippered pockets. The top zipper has a pocket that is 30cm (11.5in) long by 15cm (6in) tall. The lower zipper hold a pocket that is 35cm (13.5in) long by 12cm (4.5in) tall.  See image below.

 Lenny Lamb Large waist bag dimensions. 2 zippered pockets, one 30cm (11.5in) by 15cm (6in) and the other 35cm (13.5in) by 12cm (4.5in)

Measurements are + or - 3 cm.


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