SpeCtra Silicone Massager Insert

SpeCtra Silicone Massager Insert

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For a more comfortable and effective pumping session, use the massager to cushion and massage your breasts.

  • Massager stimulates milk ducts more thoroughly than traditional pumping
  • Allows you to massage your breasts while remaining hands-free
  • Stimulates early let down, increased milk flow, and more thorough breast milk removal
  • Thorough, comfortable pumping makes pumping more effective in less time
  • Make pumping less of a burden so you can get back to your baby or to work sooner


  • Fits 24mm and 28mm shields
  • With massager insert, the 24mm flange becomes 22.5mm. The 28 mm becomes 26.5mm.
  • Includes 1 massager insert--if you are double pumping, you will need to buy 2. 

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