Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered
Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered
Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered
Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered
Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered
Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered

Ring Sling, Emerald, Gathered

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Lenny Lamb Ring Sling, gathered shoulder

100% Cotton

Herringbone weave, Emerald, gathered shoulder

Weight: 250 gsm

Emerald is a stunningly soft and strong wrap in a beautiful jewel tone Emerald green with a black weft. An excellent mid-weight, this ring sling is perfect for newborns but also supports baby well as baby grows. Perfect to keep in a diaper bag, purse, or backpack.

Ring Slings are a quick, easy to use and lightweight babywearing option. Less intimidating to some, its biggest advantage is that you do not have to "wrap" it. Simply pull the fabric correctly through the rings, put the baby in and tighten  (follow instructions provided). Ring slings can be used from newborn through toddler stages. An active toddler who wants up-down-up-down may be easier to wrap in a ring sling versus other carriers!

Start with your newborn baby in a cradle carry, and as soon as your baby can hold their head up you can also use the upright position. The weight limit is 33lbs / 15kg.

LennyLamb RingSlings are made for the left shoulder as a standard.

 **Drool pads and reach straps are NOT included**

The LennyLamb RingSling has been acknowledged as a "hip healthy" product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

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We recommend at least 12" of fabric tail hanging down from the rings after your child is in the carrier, for safety.

Many caregivers find the standard size 1.8m (5'11") to be sufficient, especially for a newborn.

If you are plus size, if you are carrying an older child, or if you prefer extra fabric, you may find the 2.1m (6'10.5") more comfortable.

Other uses for extra hanging fabric: Twisting around the rings for a cleaner look and tucked out of the way; use for back carrying with a ring sling; used as a second pass of fabric to keep a squirmy baby in place; used as a nursing cover; used as an extra layer for warmth; used as an extra layer to protect against the sun.

This is an ideal carrier for learning to babywear, for quick carries, and for use from the very early days.

Not sure if a ring sling is for you, or which one to choose? Read more about ring slings here: https://mama-roo.com/blogs/gentle-pregnancy-and-parenting/ring-slings-part-1