Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&
Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock&

Onbuhimo - Preschool, Peacock's Tail Provance

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Type of weave: Jacquard

Material Weight: 290 gsm

Material Type: 100% Cotton

Carrier Difficulty: Advanced

Mama & Roo's tips: This carrier is perfect for those who don't like waistbands! Onbuhimos are the most challenging style to learn. But, they are rewarding because they are light, easy to pack, and great for curious kids who want to see the world. This carrier is best used by a caregiver who is comfortable learning how to make a seat and who has sufficient upper back / shoulder strength. We recommend trying this carrier for 10-15 min at a time to build your muscles up for this type of carry. Peacock's Tail Provance is a nice medium-weight textured fabric with a subtle reversed pattern on the opposite side.
Great for: Experienced Caregivers, Pregnant Caregivers. Sometimes a good choice for Caregivers with Physical Limitations

Carry types: Back carry and front carry

Typical age range: 2-5yrs old

Typical child's clothing sizes: 2T - 6X/7

Minimum carrier requirements: Sitting in a tripod sit / sitting unassisted. Legs long enough to sit knee to knee without overextending. (Child's legs must be able to swing comfortably.) Torso tall enough for safe panel height (no higher than bottom of earlobes). See diagram below for measurements

Adjustable panel?: Yes--the Preschool onbuhimo panel can be adjusted for width (drawstring to tie) and height (pull tab)

Perfect Fit Adjusters?: Yes, PFAs are included, allowing for more options for padding placement and more comfort options for the caregiver

Buckles?: Yes, 1 chest clip

Padding for child?: Yes, the carrier is padded at the knees and in the panel for child's comfort

Hood?: Yes, the Preschool Onbuhimo has an adjustable and removable hood

Pockets?: No, but it is compatible with the Lenny Pocket available here

Print Name: Peacock's Tail - Provance

Print Description:  Peacock's Tail - Provance features a beautiful fanned out pattern of dark blues and purples.

Carrier Description: Onbuhimos are waist-less backpack carriers, a style traditionally from Japan. Our buckle onbuhimos have a panel with scalloped bottom panel edge used to make a seat for the child, padded ruck straps with PFA adjusters, and a buckle chest clip. They can be used for front or back carries.

To use, simply make a seat for the child with the panel, put your arms through the ruck straps, and buckle the chest clip. Adjust the webbing and positioning as needed to comfortably position the child shoulder to shoulder with you. 

Onbuhimos are perfect for quick "ups" without putting pressure on the waist. Great for use while pregnant or for anyone who prefers a more "backpack" style without a waist belt.

The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo carrier is an advanced carrier designed for children who can already sit unassisted. We recommend this carrier for those who are already comfortable with making a supportive seat for baby in a carrier and who are comfortable with your child's weight being high on the shoulders/upper back.

The onbuhimo style is most commonly used for back carry. The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo is available in 3 sizes - Baby/Standard, Toddler, and Preschool. The adjustable pull strap for the width of the panel provides sizing flexibility for a wide range of children. The Preschool size also allowed for panel height adjustment


This carrier is designed for children who can already sit unassisted, or an assisted tripod sit at minimum. It is most commonly used for back carry but can be used for front carry also.

The Preschool size will fit best starting at 2T to 3T pants and can be used for as long as the child is comfortable in a safe panel position.

Dimensions illustration

Carrier dimensions illustration. Hood width: 26cm/10.25", hood height: adjusts from 22-32cm/8.5-12.5". Width at panel top edge: 51cm/20". Height at panel center: 44cm/17.25". Width at base of panel: adjust from 27-62cm/10.5-24.5". Margin of error + or - 3cm/1.25"

Margin of error + or - 3cm/1.25"

Carrier dimensions:

Hood width: 26cm / 10.25"
Hood height: adjusts from 22-32cm / 8.5-12.5"
Width at panel top edge: 51cm / 20"
Height at panel center: 44cm / 17.25"
Width at base of panel: adjusts from 27-62cm / 10.5-24.5"

Certificates: The Lenny Buckle Onbuhimo is compliant with the ASTM F2236-16a norm.

Ethically made in Poland by LennyLamb. Ships from the US.


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