Maymom Long Stem backflow protector for Medela/Maymom flanges, 2sets/pack

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Maymom Short Stem backflow protector for spectra, 2sets/pack; compared to spectra backflow protecotr (same size as spectra's original one).


  • Contains 2 Backflow Protectors, including 2 Large Caps, 2 Small Caps, and 2 Silicone Diaphragms. Replacement for Spectra Backflow Protectors, both new and old versions.
  • Designed to work with the flanges of Spectra S1, Spectra S2, and 9 Plus Breastpumps. 100% compatibility guaranteed or your money back.
  • No milk will enter the tubing, so the tubing will remain clean.
  • FDA registered medical devices. Made from BPA free Materials, and can be sanitized with boiling water or water steam. Comply with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.1520, 21 CFR 177.2600 and EU Commission Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 for plastic materials that intended to come into contact with food.
  • Every batch is tested by independent labs for safety. All items packaged in retail pack, sealed by manufacturer for best protection and hygiene.