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Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus
Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus
Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus
Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus
Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus
Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus

Lenny Upgrade, Wild Soul Daedalus

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Mesh: 75% cotton, 25% polyester
Fabric: 100% cotton
Wild Soul Daedalus, Jacquard twill weave
Fabric weight (not mesh weight): 290 gsm


Wild Soul Daedalus is intricate and stunning. Named after the mythical being, this print is an electric background of red, blue, yellow, and orange with a feathered pattern outlined in black and a black weft. Bold and fun, perfect for summer. Don't forget to check out matching accessories!


***Currently in transit, available in 2-4 weeks***

***Pictures are of the fabric version only! Mesh pictures are not available at this time. Will be added as available***

LennyUpGrade Adjustable Mesh Carrier:

  • Safety: its construction has certificates of compliance with the ASTM F2236-16a and PD CEN / TR 16512: 2015 norms

  • Comfort: for both a baby and parents due to multi-level regulation of the panel as well as shoulder straps providing excellent adjustment and correct, ergonomic position of the baby on every stage of the child’s development

  • Versatility: one carrier from the small baby to the toddler; safe babywearing from the second month of life (over 3,5kg) up to 20kg

  • Flexibility: two ways of babywearing - front carry from the second month of life, and back carry from the fourth month of life. Additionally, the possibility to cross the shoulder straps

  • Quality: all manufacturing process located in one place in Poland

  • Beauty: unique fabric woven in the LennyLamb weaving studio

  • Shelter: Mesh Carriers come with coordinating removable mesh hoods that can easily be attached to support head while sleeping, sun protection and extra privacy while nursing

  • Comfort in hot days: light, airy, breathable mesh panel that provides ventilation and protects the baby and the wearer from overheating

Front or back carry, safe from 4 weeks old with proper adjustment, max weight of 44lb (20kg). LennyUpgrade and LennyUpgrade mesh stats Lenny Lamb

While wearing a very small baby a carrier adapter might be helpful in making the shoulder straps longer, which allows fastening the straps under the baby's bum, maximum shortening of the panel and correct positioning. The adapter is sold separately. Available here.

ATTENTION: The color of the buttons can vary from the one presented in the pictures