Doll Sling, Heartbeat - Chloe, Grade B

Doll Sling, Heartbeat - Chloe, Grade B

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340 gsm, 100% cotton

Jacquard weave, Heartbeat - Chloe

Grade B


A sweet purple and pink heart print for a little child to use to wear a doll or stuffed animal friend like mommy and daddy!


Your child will follow your example……

Your toddler will just love carrying dolls and teddy bears in a sling just the way you carry his/her younger sister or brother :)

In this way you will be able to teach your child the love for babywearing from the youngest age.

LennyLamb Doll Slings are made of exactly the same fabrics our wraps and carriers are produced. They are safe for children, super soft and available in numerous beautiful designs and colors !

They are about 3 meters long and 30 centimeters wide.


2nd grade products have some aesthetic defect (double, broken thread, pills, color or pattern difference or other). 2nd grade products can also not be affected by any from above but the fabric used in those products can be unfinished and can require a bit longer time for breaking in or the products were part of the photo session.None of them affects safety. They are as safe as 1st grade products. These products cannot be subject to complaint.