Crossroads Gotham ring sling baby carrier by Bijou Wear, fabric closeup. The ring sling is sewn dark side (grey) out with white hashmarks coming through and a white weft with black sling rings.

Crossroads Gotham by Bijou

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Crossroads Gotham is a stunning, medium/light ring sling with dark grey prominent, with white hashmark - style organic design in white and a white weft. The rings are a gorgeous black and set the mood for this sling!

Rings Slings offer a breathable front or hip carry for little ones from newborn age through toddler hood. They adjust quickly from one babywearer to another, and are a must-have baby gear item!

100% cotton

*Please scroll down for sizing information.*

Bijou ring slings, made from the same USA-made Jacquard woven fabric found in Bijou Wear's woven wraps, provide the very best in support and strength in the field of slings. Slings in this collection can be used for newborns, babies, and toddlers from 8-35 pounds!

Bijou proudly uses safety-tested SlingRings and sews a floating gathered shoulder, which provides shoulder cush and superior spreadability for any babywearer.

Ring slings are measured from the gathered edge on the rings along the short rail. 

They are measured postwash in inches as follows: Small = 70 inches // Medium = 75 inches // Large = 80 inches // Extra Large = 85 inches // Extra Extra Large = 90 inches /// Extra Extra Extra Large = 95 inches.

A good rule to follow is to buy your t-shirt size, though if you are large busted or have a large ribcage or carry a large toddler, you might choose to size up. However, larger people can wear smaller ring slings and vice versa. The only difference will be the amount of "tail" hanging down from the rings. Remember, they are only five inches different from each other, so don't be wary of getting a shorter or longer size than you might think! You can measure a loop from one shoulder to opposite hip and back with a soft tape to see how long your adjusting tail will be with each of the sizes. 


See a video of the sling here: