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Breastfeeding Class

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All about breastfeeding! Breastfeeding is natural, but that doesn't mean it's always easy or intuitive. This class will give you a solid foundation of how to establish, build, and maintain an adequate milk supply for however long you choose to nurse.


Topics include:

  • Establishing supply: best practices for the early days
  • How to get a good latch
  • Breastfeeding positions to try
  • Breastfeeding after a difficult birth, Cesarean, and/or NICU stay
  • What is normal? Infant feeding frequency/amounts, routines, sleep, symptoms, weight gain, diaper output
  • What is abnormal? Troubleshooting, problems, how to tell if baby is gaining enough and growing adequately
  • Solving common( and less common) problems and addressing concerns: Engorgement, mastitis, plugged ducts, low supply, over supply, tongue/lip ties, inverted/flat nipples, breast pump flange sizes, and much more!
  • Pumping! When to pump, how to pump, working and pumping, tips and tricks to make it easier, more effective, and more comfortable
  • Hand expression: Why should you learn this, when, and how
  • Weaning: How to decide it's time to wean, how to wean, things to keep in mind
  • Sleep and the breastfeeding parent
  • How to prepare in pregnancy
  • How your partner/support persons can help
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for mom and baby


Course includes video and resources along with instruction

***Remote option now available!***

Partners and other support persons are encouraged to attend as well at no extra cost!


Class is 2.5 hours long and is held online and in a private home in East York. Contact for details at time of booking. 

See also: Childbirth Class series

 Recommended reading: The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, a La Leche League publication


Instructor: Alexandra Puppelo, MA, AAHCC
Alexandra has years of breastfeeding experience through almost every challenge out there! She is also fully affiliated with the AAHCC. This is not a Bradley Method(TM) class.



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