August, *virtual*, Tuesdays, Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Class Series

August, *virtual*, Tuesdays, Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth Class Series

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12 week childbirth class series, held ***virtually*** ❤️ link will be sent after sign-up

Class begins Tuesday, August 4th


This series is perfect for due dates from November through January

Includes 12 week class series, online workbook, hybrid class in student center, birth videos on demand and in class, support in pregnancy and postpartum, resources, research, and discount off of doula services

The Bradley Method® is a 12-week series that teaches families how to have natural births with techniques that are simple and effective. Natural childbirth gives your baby every advantage without the side effects of medications. The techniques are based on information about how the human body works during labor. Couples are taught how they can work with their bodies to reduce pain and make their labors more efficient. Of over 1,000,000 couples trained in The Bradley Method® nationwide, over 86% of them have had spontaneous, unmedicated vaginal births. This is a method that works!  

When you take a class in The Bradley Method® you don't need most "extra" classes that are commonly offered. The Bradley Method® classes cover it all: nutrition, exercise, being more comfortable during pregnancy, the coaches role, introductory information about labor and birth, advanced techniques for labor and birth, complications, cesarean sections, postpartum care, breastfeeding (we do recommend La Leche League meetings) and caring for your new baby. Our classes cover a few topics that are rarely discussed in other classes like: how to reduce the need for an episiotomy and the likelihood of a tear, how to avoid needing a cesarean, how to make the best of it if a cesarean is necessary, and what the coach should do if the baby is accidentally born in the car.  

Coaches face some special challenges in labor. We begin by teaching the coach how to help her during pregnancy to be aware of things that help her be as healthy and low risk as possible. What to expect in the natural course of a birth, how to avoid unnecessary pain in labor, how to support and be an advocate for this mother. Coaches learn a series of relaxation techniques and effective labor and birth positions. The classes provide relaxation practice and labor rehearsals. They are designed to educate and motivate coaches and make them a valuable part of the birth experience.  
The class is kept small so as to be personalized to the concerns and interests of our students. 

For more information about the Bradley Method(R), including a course outline and content description, and to find instructors in your area, visit For more information on this instructor, see Alexandra Puppelo is fully affiliated with the AAHCC.