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24 mm flange breastshield adapter for Medela and Spectra, Maymom, with valve and membrane
Nipple caliper size chart to help find the right size flange breastshield

24mm all-in-one Breastshield w/ Valve and Membrane, Medela- and SpeCtra-compatible, with adaptor, narrow (standard) bottle neck

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Includes all the components needed for a custom fit flange / breastshield for use with a SpeCtra or Medela pump. 

1x 24mm one-piece breastshield with narrow (standard) bottle neck connector

1x valve

1x membrane

1x SpeCtra adaptor (not needed for Medela pumps)

  • Compatible with SpeCtra S1, S2, M1, and Spectra 9 with adaptor; adaptor connects to backflow protector
  • Compatible with all Medela pumps (Pump in Style, Symphony, Lactina, Swing) EXCEPT FreeStyle and Harmony (do not use the adaptor)
  • Suggested starting size for nipple diameter between 19-21mm before pumping or 21-23mm after pumping (may vary between women)
  • See other listed sizes
  • US FDA registered medical device (No. D192499); Comply with US FDA and EUstandards for containers that contact food and class II medical device; Test reports are online for your reference
  • Made of Bisphenol-A (BPA)/DEHP-free material and all components are steam safe for sterilization
  • A Maymom product--not made or endorsed by SpeCtra or Medela

A properly fitted flange / breastshield provides the most comfort and the highest milk production, making pumping easier, more productive, and more sustainable.

The one-piece breastshield design is easier to clean, makes fewer pieces to keep track of, and provides no seams to reduce suction effectiveness

Compatible with a hands-free pumping bra