Our Mission

What do we mean when we say we want your postpartum experience to be amazing?

It's no secret that motherhood is hard, and whether you are joyfully welcoming your first child or your family is growing, changing the dynamic of your life to accommodate a new being (or 2, or 3!) can be overwhelming at best. At worst, it can be frightening and lonely. Living in our modern world of limited leave for new families, limited personal interaction with healthcare providers in pregnancy and postpartum, and the geographic distance of many of us from family and friends lends itself to postpartum periods that can be filled with fear and doubt instead of the peace and joy all new families deserve.

We know what that feels like. Our founder struggled with postpartum depression and anxiety coupled with almost every breastfeeding problem there is. She wanted to build a family for herself  in a way that spoke to her values and hopes for a gentler world. Through ups and downs, some great advice, and some not so great, she struggled to find products that would make things easier while also meeting her family's values.

As a Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth instructor, she was delighted to help couples on a personal level to prepare for their child and postpartum time with joy instead of dread, but she wondered if she could help others on a larger scale. Mama & Roo's Supplement Co was born out of a desire to help make pregnancy and the postpartum time easier and happier for the whole family, including baby! We've curated products we love, from personal care to carriers, and we will continue to update and add to our offering as we find more ways to help new families experience and enjoy the delights of new motherhood, fatherhood, and family bonding.

Our values:

  • Provide Vegan products. Better for the people, the planet, and the animals. You can be sure if you order from us, the product contains no animal products or testing.
  • Promote bonding: Whether it's massage oil for your growing belly or the right-fitting flange for pumping, from carriers to keep those babies close to pumps to keep up your supply when you're away, we support products to make your life easier so you can get to the important work of enjoying your newest family member while still living in this modern world
  • Support gentle parenting: It's hard to be gentle in a harsh world. We want you to be able to surround yourself with beautiful, functional products to make things less stressful and more present
  • Be practical and purposeful: Our founder is the queen of practical. Useless products add clutter to our homes and our world and stress to us all to manage them
  • Acknowledge we are all unique, and we still have needs: We carry flange/ breastshield/ nipple shield sizes that you'll have a hard time finding elsewhere, alongside other harder to find products to support breastfeeding and postpartum care (including vegan postnatal supplements--coming soon!). Why? Because being “different” doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong, and you should be able to find the products you need
  • Provide excellent customer service: If you have questions about a product, how to use it, if it will work for you, tell us! We want to help. If you are looking for a product and are having a hard time finding it (a print, a flange size, a bundle, etc.), tell us, and if we can get it in for you, we will! We want your experience to be easy and positive and are thrilled to help you get what you need
  • Promote sustainable practices: In addition to our sourcing goals, we welcome local pick-up for those in the south-central PA/ northern MD area, saving the planet from more shipping burdens. Contact us for details!
  • Support charity: We believe that our success should be shared to help others. Questions about our charity program can be sent to our email

We are here for you! If you have questions, comments, and anything in between, let us know.

With love, wishing you a beautiful pregnancy and an amazing postpartum,