all about sizing for the onbuhimo

How do I know what size onbuhimo I need?
--The standard size will fit your child for a long time!
--If your child is already 2 or so, you may be more comfortable in a toddler size
--The biggest factor is in the width of the panel, which you want to comfortably support the thigh and not overextend the knee, and the height. Your child will not fit well in the toddler if they are not tall enough as the pocket will be too deep and uncomfortable.
--Consider how your child prefers to be carried--arms in or arms out--before sizing for the panel

Enjoy wearing your baby or toddler in your onbuhimo! If you are looking for new, here are a few in our shop now, with more on the way. And, we can also order some in for you if you don't see what you are looking for. Leave any questions in the comments below!