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LennyGo carriers are fixed panel carriers. Available in baby/standard or toddler sizes.  Baby/standard fits from 4 months to around 2T pants. Toddler fits from around 2T pants and up. Maximum rated weight is 44lbs.

LennyUpgrade carriers are fully adjustable carriers, good from 4-6 weeks old to 2.5 years. Minimum rated weight is 8 lbs. Maximum rated weight is 44 lbs.


Preschool carriers are fully adjustable carriers, good from 18 months old to 6 years old.  Maximum rated weight is 66lbs.


Style LennyGo Lenny Upgrade  Preschool carrier
Age range

Baby/standard: 4m - 2yrs

Toddler: 2yrs - 5yrs

4wks - 2.5yrs 1.5yrs - 6yrs
Weight Max weight: 44lbs in either size

Min weight: 7.7lbs

Max weight: 44lbs

Max weight: 66lbs
Carries Front (facing in), Back, Hip Front (facing in), Back, Hip Front (facing in), Back, Hip
PFAs? yes yes yes
Cross-strap option? yes yes yes
Grows with baby? no yes yes
Magnetic pocket? no yes yes
Lumbar support pad? no yes- removable yes- removable
Hood yes- sewn on yes- detachable yes- detachable
Compatible with suck pads/reach straps? (sold separately) yes yes yes
Plus-size friendly? yes yes yes


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