Integra Solar

  • the ideal hot weather baby carrier but also versatile in all seasons
  • sun-protective fabric which blocks 95-99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • highly breathable and non-irritating, even to sensitive skin with moisture being wicked away
  • constructed fully in solar fabric with polyester padding in the shoulder straps
  • fabric is very strong and has a cotton-like feel
  • sleek one-piece design incorporating a large sun/sleeping hood that fastens with small buckles to the shoulder straps to keep baby shaded or support a sleeping head.
  • designed to keep baby cool in the heat of summer as well as offering protection from the sun
  • ideal for use during light rain showers, at the pool or beach and in the shower 
  • compact design means it is great all year round

 Never attempt to swim with a baby in any carrier

Sizing Guide

    Size 2

    • Suitable from around 18 months or 22lb/10kg until your child is around 3.5 years of age
    • Front and back carries
    • Panel dimensions 16 inches wide and 22 inches high to create an 18 inch wide seat


    Size 3

    • Suitable from around 3 years or 33lb/15kg until around 5 years of age
    • Front and back carriers
    • Panel dimensions 18 inches wide and 24 inches high to create a 20 inch wide seat

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