Thirsties Price Increase Jan 1, 2021

As you know, 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us personally but also professionally as manufacturing and shipping options and day-to-day operations have changed. These challenges have made it necessary for Thirsties to increase prices modestly to accommodate these needs and still provide high quality, sustainably and ethically made-in-the-USA diapers and wet bags.

Here are the new prices, taking effect starting 1/1/2021. 

Pay special attention to items with asterisks. Some items have been separated out with different pricing by size.
Clutch bag: $9.75
*Duo Hemp Prefold - size 1: $9.50
*Duo Hemp Prefold - size 2: $11.25
*Duo Wrap Size 1 & 2: $14.45
*Duo Wrap Size 3: $15.75
*Hemp Inserts - Small: $9.95
*Hemp Inserts - Large: $10.95
Mini Pail Liner: $14.75
Mini Wet Bag: $12.75
Natural Duo Insert: $8.50
Natural Newborn All in One: $19.50
Natural Newborn Fitted: $19.45
Natural One Size Fitted: $27.50
Natural One Size All in One: $27.75
Natural One Size Pocket Diaper: $25.25
Natural Pocket Insert: $7.95
Organic CLoth Wipes: $13.50
*Organic Cotton Doublers - Newborn & Small: $8.75
*Organic Cotton Doublers - Large: $9.75
*Potty Training Pants - Small, Medium, Large: $20.25
*Potty Training Pants - X-large: $21.75
Sandwich bag: $6
Stay Dry Natural Duo Insert: $8.75
Stay Dry Natural One Size All in One: $28.95
Stay Dry Duo Insert: $8.50
Swim Diaper - Size 1 & 2: $16.50
Swim Diaper - Size 3: $18.50
Wet Bag - $16.75
Wet Dry Bag - $18.95
It's not too late to grab your favorites at the current pricing before it goes up! Check out what we have in stock here:
What are your favorite Thirsties items?