Roo's VIP Club is Live! 7 reasons to join

So many great reasons to join the club...


Sign up here by July 31st and get a *free* gift of your choosing from a special collection!


Why join Roo's VIP Club?

  1. Make your money back after 2-3 carriers: Most customers use at least 3 carrier styles in a year with their little one. Take advantage of great prices and try more styles!
  2. Commit to yourself with something useful and FUN! Baby carriers make caregiving easier, so go ahead! Commit to a membership as a promise to yourself to have more fun
  3. Get exactly what you want with special order: Members can access a special order portal to choose their perfect carrier
  4. Early access to promos and drops: Be the first to know about new prints, products, and deals
  5. Members-only perks for more savings: Special members-only offers give you the exclusive edge
  6. You deserve joy in motherhood <3: Parenting is hard. Let's enjoy it together with babywearing
  7. A community who "gets it": You'll never feel alone on this babywearing journey


Sign up and claim your free gift!

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