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Lenny Upgrade Demo!

Join babywearing educator and Mama & Roo's founder Alexandra for a quick chat about the Lenny Upgrade, a fully adjustable soft structured carrier for children from 4wks old to 2.5yrs old.

The Lenny Upgrade is an excellent gift for a new parent. It's got everything you could ask for in a carrier - adjustable panel height (in 2 places!), adjustable panel width, removable lumbar support pad, removable hood, PFAs (perfect fit adjusters), 2-way arm strap adjustments, and a magnetic pocket on the waistband!

You'll love the longevity of this gorgeous carrier and how easy it is to pop baby in and go hands-free, wherever you are. The ultimate in convenience, in a familiar backpack-style package. 

Watch below to see it in action!

Love it? Check out our in-stock Lenny Upgrades here, ready to ship from the US: https://mama-roo.com/collections/lenny-upgrade


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