Lenny Upgrade and Mesh Lenny Upgrade are Now Available! What is a fully adjustable SSC and who might like one

close up of white woman carrying white baby in a Carousel of Colors Mesh Lenny Upgrade fully adjustable soft structured carrier from Lenny Lamb. The front panel is black mesh and the carrier itself is bold stripes of color with thin black stripes demarcating the colors
A woman carries a baby in a Lenny Upgrade mesh carrier in print Carousel of Colors
After a long wait, the Lenny Upgrade and Mesh Lenny Upgrade carriers are finally available! These carriers are fully adjustable soft structured carriers, and are a favorite for many. But what are they, really?
The Lenny Upgrade and Mesh Lenny Upgrade are made of the same materials as Lenny Lamb's other carriers--they start with a long woven wrap in the selected fabric, so you still get that wonderfully soft, breathable woven fabric in whatever weight the original print is. It is then converted into an ergonomic carrier. 
What makes the Upgrade special is that it is designed with many different cinch points that allow for resizing of the carrier, allowing it to fit a baby from around 4-6 weeks, depending on your baby (may require an additional accessory to cinch the panel smaller), to 2 years old or larger! 
This style of carrier is great when you:
  • Want one carrier to last a long, longggggg time
  • Don't mind adjusting and resizing as baby grows
  • Want one carrier set for each caregiver, or
  • Don't mind adjusting the carrier depending on the caregiver holding baby
  • Want one carrier set for each child, or
  • Don't mind resizing the carrier depending on the child being worn
  • You like / don't mind a waist belt and full panel over your torso
  • You like front and/or back carrying
  • **Mesh only** Want the most breathable fabric possible for summer heat! The mesh panel gets a bit more airflow to baby


This style of carrier might not be for you if:

  • Adjusting many different buckles as your child grows sounds like way too much effort
  • You want only one carrier, but have multiple caregivers / children who are not very patient!
  • You prefer hip carries (this carrier does not do hip carry)
  • You don't like waist belts or full panel torso carries
  • You are very small-waisted (check out the dimensions prior to purchase--the Upgrade extended the waist fabric, which while great for many wearers for comfort, may not work for some)



  • Pocket
  • Panel adjusts to various widths
  • Adjustable hood
  • Mesh panel (in mesh version only!)
  • Safety buckles with back-up bands
  • Safety: its construction has certificates of compliance with the ASTM F2236-16a norms and PD CEN / TR 16512 : 2015 norms

See video below for a demonstration for babies and toddlers!


Overall, this is a beautiful, safe, well-constructed carrier with plenty of updates to make it a fabulous choice for long-term wearing of your little one. Available now! Click here. Of course, you can also contact us for pre-orders of anything on lennylamb.com 's website. 

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