*New Brand* How to Use the Integra Solar and Who Would Love It

What you've been waiting for... our first round of water carriers šŸŒŠ [wave] is here! https://mama-roo.com/collections/integra-solar

Mother carrying son in front carry in Integra Solar water carrier in Navy

Join me in the video below as we chat about the Integra Solar!

-What it is

-How to use it

-Who it's good for (almost everyone!)

-Size comparisions between 1, 2 and 3 and also compared to another brand of carrier (Lenny Lamb)

-Colors and color comparisons




ā˜€ļø [sun] Welcoming our newest brand, Integra, to the party! šŸŽ‰ [party popper]

The Integra Solar was made for fun in the sun. A super light, super compact carrier, it's comfortable and fits well both dry and wet. Made to handle the challenges of a chlorine pool or salt spray at the beach with ease while keeping you super cool anywhere! šŸ’¦ [splash]

Things to love about the Integra Solar šŸ’– [sparkle heart]:

-Apron-style: One of the few carriers on the market where the seat makes itself due to a simple apron-style panel

-Familiar: A soft structured carrier is like a baby backpack, with familiar buckles and straps

-Incredibly light: feels like you're wearing hardly anything with it on!

-Packs up super small: When folded up, it barely takes up the space of a book, and it's lighter than your beach novel, too! Easy to throw into any purse, diaper bag, or beach tote

-Perfect for water: Whether you're in the shower, at the pool, or by the ocean, this carrier is made to get wet! (but please, don't fully submerge your baby or swim in this or any carrier ā¤ )

-Perfect for land: Dries fast and fits well even when dry, making this a great choice for hot days -Sized to perfection: 3 sizes and simple adjustments make this an easy carrier to use for anyone

-Beautiful colors: With 12 colors to choose from, you can't go wrong!

-Silky and soft: Solar fabric is comfortable and pleasant even for sensitive skin

-Protected: 95-99% UVA and UVB protection, including an adjustable sun hood, means your little one can thrive even in the heat, and you can feel good about being out in the sun with them

Plus, these beauties are ethically made in the UK with minimal environmental impact, safety rated, and ship from the US.

You'll love yours - grab your favorites now & enjoy! šŸ’– [sparkle heart] https://mama-roo.com/collections/integra-solar

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