Holiday Tips for a Covid-19 Quarantine Celebration


 Holiday Ideas in Covid-19 Quarantine

Wondering how to make this year special, even if you can’t visit with the people you love in person? Here are some ideas to have a cozy holiday at home.


  • Plan a special breakfast. Maybe it’s cinnamon rolls (fresh or from a can!), cookies (we won’t judge!), or a breakfast feast! Having something fun to start the day that is out of the norm can make the day feel extra special right from the start
  • Schedule a Skype or Facetime meeting with each of the people / families you would normally spend the holidays with. No need to do it all the same day! You could even plan for a special activity for each call – perhaps a virtual game of Tic Tac Toe with grandma one day, a walk to see the lights with Aunt Sue the next, and a singalong with cousin Bobby the next day. Something that speaks to the personality and relationship you have with that family member can make each even more meaningful
  • Play a board game together. Something old, or something new! You can even find some games to download online for last minute fun! Little ones can play simple matching games, or you can try a family mystery adventure!
  • Go for a walk – or a drive! Many parks have light displays to enjoy, or you can visit a neighborhood with excited neighbors with lovely decorations. Or, just enjoy the brisk December air – I find there’s something rejuvenating about walking in the winter, especially with the magic of snow on the ground. Just be sure to layer appropriately and wear the right footwear for a great time!
  • Craft time! Make a unique ornament together, or try to re-create something. Use your creativity to pull together items from around the house/ apart. Don’t be afraid to repurpose items for unusual purposes—messes can be cleaned, and the memories will be special <3. Maybe you could even make it a competition – who can make something that looks like a boat the fastest? Can you make it float? What about a plane? A car? A dinosaur??? Have fun!
  • Build a fort. How many pillows can you stack for a secret cave adventure? Maybe a wrap door or hammock to complete the look! Want to take it to the next level? Turn it into a holiday scavenger hunt. Hide small toys, treats, or other treasures throughout the fort/ house and send everyone looking for them. You could even assign points and a prize! (Though we recommend having some sort of prize for everyone, to avoid arguments. =) )
  • Color thank you cards. Or cards for Christmas (I’m not judging if they’re late!), cards with well wishes for the new year, or just to say, I’m thinking of you and I miss you. Maybe you can even look up a song or poem that reminds you of the person you’re writing to and include the lyrics in the card as well
  • Baking or cooking together. Can you little one chop with you? Mix for you? Be your personal taste tester? Find a way to get the family involved preparing for something special… and try not to worry about appearances. It’s only you seeing it, after all, so make it fun!
  • Plan your year. Feeling stuck about what to do next? Sad about the things you’ve missed this year? Why not brainstorm as a family! Everyone lists their ideas for things they’d like to learn, try, do, or place to go to in the new year. Then, assign 1 activity to each month on the calendar so you know it will happen. Worried about arguments? Include any ideas that didn’t make it in the calendar in their own special jar or box and label it something silly, like, “I need an adventure!”. Then you can pull out activities any time when you need an idea for something fun to try. A great way to stave off boredom.
  • Cuddle up with a movie. A classic way to enjoy the season, put on a seasonal movie everyone will love. Make plenty of your favorite hot drink (cocoa, anyone?), popcorn, and any other treats you like. Bring over plenty of blankets for an extra snuggly time!


I know this year isn’t the same for many of us, but I hope these ideas give you some ideas of your own. Have a beautiful holiday season, however you choose to celebrate, and enjoy!


All the best,


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