Coronavirus and Product Availability Updates *Update 5/20/2020*

Update: 5/20/2020
Wow, I was hoping we would not have to keep updating this. Things have been such a whirlwind, it's hard to know what to say. Here is the status of things right now.
  • Shipping for all carriers is seeing delays. Everywhere--this is not an exclusive problem to my shop! There doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason as to which orders gets delayed and which don't. Most orders I've sent have arrived within their scheduled time frame, but I am seeing more and more delays. I am shipping out as quickly as possible. 
  • If you NEED something by a certain date, my best advice is to:
    1-Message/call/email me prior to order. I can let you know when I can realistically get your order out and the soonest you can expect it to arrive, and
    2-Choose Priority Mail Express. This is the ONLY guaranteed service I still have running right now, and it is only valid in the US. This means that if your shipment is delayed (some areas are 2 day, so again, contact me prior to ordering), you will get your money back from the post office (through a refund from my shop)
  • Going to stress this one more time--shipping speeds are always estimates, but right now, please consider them wishful thinking under the best possible scenario. Most *domestic* orders will get there in the window estimated, some will not. Carriers are running skeleton crews with Black Friday demand right now. 
  • Please understand, I have no control over what happens to your order once it goes out. Priority Mail shipments are insured up to $100. If you are concerned and want additional insurance, please contact me prior to ordering and also consider Priority Mail Express.
  • First Class Mail is NOT insured by default. If you want insurance on a First Class package, please contact me prior to ordering. Generally, I would recommend increasing to Priority Mail for this.
  • Incoming shipments are still moving. Some Maymom items are running low, and I do expect a significant delay on restocking this. If you need breast pump parts, please order sooner rather than later.
  • Shipments with plastics are being quarantined for 2 days prior to shipping. No exceptions. Incoming orders are contact-less. All incoming cartons are wiped down with disinfectant before processing. I wash my hands prior to packing all orders. My family is quarantined to limit exposure. Most orders are going out via contact-less pickup.
  • Please, ask any questions you have prior to ordering. We are extremely responsive and will get back to you as soon as possible. We understand that everything can feel urgent in this time of crisis, but please remember I am a one woman shop with a family of my own, in the same Covid-19 world as you. I am doing my absolute best. It is much easier to solve many problems and misunderstandings before ordering than once it has arrived. We can help you understand fit, care, ship times, policies, etc. Please do not hesitate to reach out
  • Thank you for your business and your patience in this time. I truly appreciate each and every interaction I have with all of you. I hope that I am able to bring a small amount of joy to your day with the wonderful products and services we offer. Thank you again, as always. 
  • INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Expect a minimum of 6 weeks transport time. I ship everything from the US. Many countries are halting incoming shipments at the border. Some are only expecting/sending mail by sea. It is quite literally a mess. I have no control over this. Once it leaves my hands, it is the responsibility of the shipper. Shippers worldwide are working with limited staff, quarantine rules and laws, and huge demand. We are ALL doing our absolute best. ADVICE: Order the fastest possible shipping. Check your country's import status prior to ordering. If you would like additional shipping options, or want to understand what each option's coverage is like, contact me prior to ordering. POLICY: I cannot and will not refund orders due to shipping delays. No carrier is honoring international shipping guarantees or estimated times. If your order arrives too late for you to use it, refuse your unopened order immediately on arrival. Any charges incurred will be deducted from your refund once I have the order in hand, including our regular restocking fee. I do apologize for the delays, but this is completely out of my control. If I were to refund every order that is late right now, I would be out of business tomorrow. This is the reality we are all facing worldwide. I am an extremely small company and cannot take losses for things that are out of my control. HOW I AM MITIGATING THIS: Moving forward, all international orders will have an additional handling fee to cover additional insurance costs to protect you in the event a package is declared missing. Should this continue, I may turn off international shipping. I don't want to do this, but I may have to. I sincerely apologize for these issues and wish I had a better answer, but I just don't have that kind of power--no one does. This is our current reality. Thank you for your understanding.

<3 Alexandra

Hello! We've gotten several queries on product availability and wanted to provide an update on what is and isn't being affected right now.
****Last Updated Mar 18, 2020****
As many of you know, my heart is in my business, in that I partner with companies that treat people ethically, pay them fairly, and value the safety of products for you and your children. I take this very seriously, as human rights are as much a part of my ethical beliefs as anything.
Because Mama & Roo's is still small, and I am unable at this time to fly to manufacturing sites all over the world on a regular basis to assess human rights violations, I prefer to source from companies located in jurisdictions with strong human rights laws or with 3rd party certificates of human rights adherence. Given that the laws of China unfortunately allow for a great deal of human suffering, thus relying on individual manufacturers and distributors to uphold higher standards, I only have 1 supplier of goods from China at this time--breast pump supplies from Maymom. I also have one supplier from South Korea--Spectra Baby USA. Both of these suppliers meet FDA and other guidelines for product safety as well as other guidelines, so I feel comfortable using them at this time.
Given our sourcing strategy, many products are thus far unaffected, which is good news! Here is our current shipment status across brands (incoming):
  • Regular shipments of Lenny Lamb, Motherlove, Thirsties, and Planetwise are incoming and re-stocking as normal for now ***As of 3/18/2020 we are reassessing Lenny Lamb restocking and will be doing limited restocks. Lenny Lamb items will be held in quarantine by us on arrival for 2 days prior to shipping out***
  • Although Lenny Lamb products do ship from Poland, they do not usually stop in Italy, so I do not expect any delays right now due to quarantines ***Items do stop in Germany, so delays may be coming, but unsure as of 3/18/2020***
  • Due to possible flight delays and other unrelated concerns, we've put Spectra Baby USA shipments on hold for now
  • Due to quarantines and flight delays, in addition to the possibility of rush shipped goods to carry the virus, Maymom product shipments are delayed right now as we wait on standard shipping through these circumstances ***3/18/2020 Now that some China quarantines are lifting, these goods may get here sooner, but all items will be held in quarantine by us on arrival for 2 days prior to shipping out. These will be made available to order again once they arrive***
Given the nature of this as a respiratory illness, and the fact that my goods are going to homes likely to have young children and immune-suppressed persons (like pregnant women), and the likelihood of the virus to live on surfaces for several days, I've been very cautious with incoming shipments. I will continue to monitor how things progress. Should the situation in Europe or manufacturing sites in the US change to the point where shipments may pose risks to our customers, we will put those items on hold as well.
As of right now, I am thankful that this virus appears to affect the very young the least, as any illness brings with it fear for the smallest among us whom we care for! But I am, as always, concerned first and foremost about providing the best possible service and care to our customers, and many of us live and work with others who are at higher risk.
The wonderful thing about ecommerce is that, by the time the goods I have get to you, the risk to you is next to none! And you don't have to go into public and be around other sick persons. So in that sense, I am very thankful for the ability to continue to support you.
So, what is delayed or unavailable, and when will it be back?
  • If you are in need of breast pump supplies, please order sooner rather than later. Our most popular flange sizes are quickly running out
  • Remember that we do carry many sizes in a variety of products. For example, as of this writing we are out of 17mm wide mouth flanges, but we do have 17mm narrow mouth. The 17mm narrow mouth will connect to your Spectra pump and pump into Medela or Dr. Brown's or other narrow mouth bottles
  • We have wide to narrow and narrow to wide bottle converters in stock
  • We also have wide to breast milk storage bag and narrow to breast milk storage bag converters in stock--meaning that any size or bottle neck flange can go right into your storage bags
  • Several sizes are also available in flange inserts--these inserts will fit into "normal" flanges, so if you have a 24mm laying around for example, you can use a 19mm insert inside of that flange to size it down
  • We are out of white duckbills but do have transparent ones still
  • We have a variety of tubing, including Freemie tubing, tubing for the Medela Symphony, and of course for the Spectra and the Medela Pump in Style Advanced

I hope to receive replacements within a few weeks, but I cannot promise them at a certain date. I will send out a push notification and an email when the replacements are here, as I know many of you are waiting on replacement items. 


All in-stock items across brands are shipping out to you at my normal shipping speeds. Should anything change, I will update as soon as possible. ***Just an addition: I always wash my hands prior to packing orders, and am being especially fastidious at this time. As a single employee business (just me!), no other persons are being made to work or to enter potentially unsafe conditions. As of this writing on 3/18/2020 there are no documented COVID-19 cases where I am in PA, but they are surely coming. Our in-person location is closed through 3/31, to be revisited upon any updates from the Governor and to avoid spreading harm to others. Ethical concerns are a number 1 priority for my business. Any questions, please let me know.***


***Certain specific products are in our in-person location only. This location will not be accessible until 4/1 at the earliest. Should your order contain something that cannot currently be fulfilled, we will contact you as soon as possible to provide options. Thank you for your patience***


Thank you for your business and for your support. I am grateful to the wonderful brands that I work with that are for now unaffected ***or minimally affected***. I look forward to continuing to serve you and hope that things are business as usual very soon!


And of course, as always, feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns.



Wishing you health and happiness, now and always,

Alexandra Puppelo, MA, AAHCC
Mama & Roo's Supplement Co


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