All About Ring Slings - Video Tutorial!

Our tutorial answers your burning questions about ring slings!

Ring slings are excellent carriers for babies from hours old well through the toddler years, and beyond. A cozy way to cuddle a newborn or a quick "up" for an adventurous but tired toddler, these carriers are a must have for any new parent.


-Who would like a ring sling?

-Who might not like a ring sling?

-What side shoulder does it go on?

-What does gathered or pleated shoulder mean?

-How do I thread a ring sling?

-What kind of carries can I do in a ring sling?

-How do I tighten a ring sling?

-How do I use a ring sling?

-How do I get a good seat in a ring sling?

-How do I do a second pass in a ring sling?

-What do I do with this extra fabric / the tail?

-What length ring sling do I need?


  • The rings are in my baby's face
  • My baby keeps sliding down
  • My baby keeps kicking out of the seat
  • The fabric keeps bunching up
  • I can't get the ring sling tight enough
  • How do I support my newborn's head?






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