All About Mesh Carriers

Spring is here, and with it, dreams of summer fun! Is it getting warmer where you are, yet?

Tanzanite Mesh Upgrade

If so, this video is perfect for you! Take a look at the difference between a mesh panel carrier versus a full fabric carrier. See examples of:

-Lenny Upgrade in linen (Lotus Natural) versus Mesh panel

-LennyGo fabric versus Mesh panel

-The differences between the LennyGo vs Lenny Upgrade in the mesh versions (hint: take a look at the hoods!)


Mesh panel carriers are great for keeping baby cooler and the carrier overall feeling lighter. It's nice for those in humid climates and especially for babies who "run hot." Take a look at see what you think! I'd love to hear your thoughts below.

 Check out Mesh Carrier Options Below!

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